Over the weekend, I planned to go north to Marin County for an art opening. Since that event didn’t start until 5 p.m., I thought I might get a little holiday shopping in, and I remembered a company in Marin that makes products (such as children’s bibs, aprons, lunch sacks, and tablecloths) out of cloth in bright patterns that’s coated and easy to clean. I hadn’t visited the physical location before, but didn’t I read something in the newspaper about a warehouse sale happening around this weekend?

Now, I couldn’t dredge up the exact name of the company, but I knew the pattern: [female proper name] the [animal name]. I actually knew more:  The girl’s name was 2 syllables, like “Emma” or “Anna.” And the animal was something aquatic or amphibious: Frog but not horned toad, like salamander but probably only 2 syllables also.  So I knew many parts of the company’s name but not the whole. (more…)